Police Warn Political Parties Over Statements On Murewa Violence

Police national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has warned political parties to desist from making ‘premature’ statements that may interfere or fuel tensions as investigations into the Murewa violence continue.

Speaking during a local online television programme Thursday evening Assistant Commissioner Nyathi paid tribute to political parties and the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC).

“We are currently pursuing seventeen other suspects in relation to the case. There are insinuations that this case was politically motivated but we also want to make it clear that we are happy with the cooperation that we have received from political parties across the board from Zanu PF, NPRC and the from the Government side and the CCC in terms of assisting police to conduct investigations.

“However, there is one area which I also want to appeal that as investigations continue we want to urge the political parties not to influence the witnesses, not to influence the suspects because we are now aware that as we are effecting arrest there are people who are also trying to influence the investigations process.

“People who are trying to interfere some of them they are even making premature statements where at the end of the day the statements will instead of calming the situation they will fuel or cause chaos, that’s why we are saying whilst we are happy with the cooperation which have received from all the political parties leading to the arrest of three suspects who have appeared in court. We want to call for caution in whatever the political parties are going to say,” said Ass. Comm. Nyathi

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