Rimbi Travel and Tours Abandons Accident Victims

By Staff Reporter

Rimbi Travel and Tours has been accused of abandoning injured victims in its bus accident that occurred on 17 January 2023 in Mutoko District along the Harare-Nyamapanda Highway.

According to one of the injured people, who was a passenger on the Rimbi bus, it is Zebra Kiss that has stepped forward and footed the hospital bills of the injured passengers.

In an interview with state media at Parirenyatwa Hospital one woman said they have only received assistance from Zebra Kiss Transport.

“The Rimbi Tours bus driver was chasing the Zebra Kiss bus from border-Nyamapanda… I reprimanded him, if you heard someone who was reproaching the driver, it was I. He said to me “woman, don’t bother me. I want him (the Zebra Kiss driver, to know that I’m capable of driving at great speeds.”

“I implored him to slow down, and he then took his phone and handed it to the bus conductor, the one who died in the accident, he was close to me. The Rimbi Tours management never came to see us when I was initially admitted at Mutoko Hospital and even here at Parirenyatwa Hospital, they didn’t come.

“The Zebra Kiss management came to us here. They went to Mutoko Hospital and paid our hospital bills. They have also come to Parirenyatwa and they are assisting me. I’m grateful for their love. I never imagined they would help me considering that I was injured aboard the Rimbi Tours bus, and not on their coach.” said the woman

The accident occurred when a Rimbi Bus that was racing with a Zebra Kiss bus, which was in front, rammed into the back of a Shacman Tipper which was travelling in the same direction.

Government has since suspended operating licenses for both transporting companies in terms of sections 51, 52 and 53 of the Road Traffic Act which prohibits driving without due care and attention or reasonable consideration for others, negligent or dangerous driving and reckless driving.

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