Ugesi Energy Illuminates 250 Homes with Cutting-Edge Solar Technology

By Staff Reporter

Ugesi Energy, a prominent regional provider of premium residential solar solutions specializing in hybrid systems for homes and small enterprises, has achieved a significant milestone by installing over 250 top-tier solar systems equipped with lithium batteries and inverters in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

In response to the pressing need for reliable energy during regional power shortages, Ugesi Energy offers a range of system sizes from 5kW to 50kW, capable of meeting essential power requirements such as lighting, connectivity, television, refrigeration, and water pumps.

The ongoing challenges in ensuring power security have adversely impacted the lives of consumers who have resorted to costly and environmentally unfriendly generators to keep their lights on.

The growing demand for alternative power sources has led to a surge in solar system installers, often with subpar equipment.

In response, Ugesi Energy has positioned itself as a trusted partner committed to working exclusively with top-tier technologies, typically backed by warranties exceeding 10 years, complemented by system guarantees and 24/7 monitoring.

Ugesi Energy, a subsidiary of Distributed Power Africa (DPA), offers flexible packages tailored to individual preferences, including equipment rental leases or outright purchases.

The company places a strong emphasis on meticulous installations, efficient maintenance, and continuous monitoring, ensuring customers benefit from an uninterrupted and seamless power supply.

“With energy costs projected to rise by 20% year on year, potentially for the next five years, we anticipate increasing pressure on homeowners and small businesses to reduce their energy expenses. We are deploying hybrid energy solutions comprising solar panels and lithium batteries, providing a cost-saving buffer and enhancing energy security for homes and small enterprises. By offering flexible payment options, whether through an outright purchase, lease, or loan, our customers gain easier access to the latest solar technologies and systems,” said Norman Moyo, CEO of DPA Africa, remarked,

He added, “We have deliberately opted to offer our customers tried-and-tested, high-quality technologies, along with highly trained and rated installers to minimize performance-related issues, particularly in sensitive environments like homes and businesses. Utilizing residential rooftops for solar power is not only a prudent decision but also economically advantageous.

“Homes equipped with solar systems can expect an approximate 20% increase in real estate value, compared to those without. We have partnered with leading technology providers to offer systems that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly integrating into our customers’ residences and workplaces.”

Ugesi Energy has forged strategic partnerships with globally recognized brands such as Tesla, Enphase, and Huawei to ensure that its solutions are not only technologically advanced but also visually appealing in residential and commercial settings.

With successful installations in key areas, including Dainfern, Sandton, Cape Town, Durban, Borrowdale Brooke, Glen Lorne, among others, Ugesi Energy has solidified its reputation as a trusted premium brand delivering quality and secure solutions.

The company has also established collaborations with large corporations keen on boosting employee productivity by offering guarantees and incentives for transitioning to solar energy.

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