Woman Gives Birth On Toilet At Copacabana

By Memory Chivhunga

A 21 year old Harare woman got the surprise of her life when she went to the toilet and ended up giving birth to a baby at a public toilet near the Copacabana rank yesterday.

The lady who was only identified as Ms Olivia entered the toilet to relieve herself, only to notice that her baby was now arriving.

“I went to the toilet during my lunch break, I started to feel labour pains when I was standing in the queue, I told a lady who was standing right behind me but she refused to assist. When I was now relieving myself I just felt the baby coming out and I had no option than to assist myself in labour. The people who were standing outside came when they heard my baby crying,” said Olivia

A lady who was standing in the queue said, “I waited for almost 25 minutes in the que, only to realise that a lady was in labour “.

A local council worker who came to the aide of Olivia said she heard the cry of the baby and rushed to check only to see it was a newly born baby.

“When I heard the cry of a baby I ran to the toilet only to see a weak lady lying on the floor with a newly born baby, I did what I could to assist both the mother and child,”

The lady and her baby were taken to the nearest hospital by members of the public

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