Zanu PF Funded By Corrupt Individuals: Madhuku

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku says the latest election nomination fees announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) will favour the ruling Zanu PF party as they are funded by corrupt individuals.

According to Statutory Instrument 144/2022 gazetted by government Friday presidential candidates have to pay US$20 000, up from US$1 000 paid in 2018, to qualify to stand in 2023 while those seeking to contest for parliamentary seats will each part with US$1 000, up from US$50 paid before.

Addressing journalists in Harare this afternoon, Madhuku said the fees were both undemocratic and unconstitutional.

“Our position as the NCA, that position by ZEC is ridiculous, it is totally unacceptable, it is unconstitutional, and it is undemocratic and ZEC has no powers to be involved in such a fundamental decision regarding who stands and who does not stand as a candidate in an election.

“It will restrict democratic space to the two dominant political parties, our agenda in the NCA is to expand democracy by ensuring that we have a multi-party system so it requires participation by many political parties, I think that the ruling Zanu PF party will be funded easily, they easily get that money, they have resources to do that they are funded by many corrupt people in this country who fund Zanu PF, just two corrupt business people will be able to fund Zanu PF all expenses.

“Our other dominant colleagues have so many friends around the world  and I read on tweeter with many saying they will raise the money but for rest of us we have read people and we do not agree with perception that for us to enjoy our rights as citizens we have to get the approval of other citizens. I have a right to stand as a presidential candidate and I don’t want to negotiate that right,” Prof. Madhuku said

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