Chamisa nominated as CCC Presidential Candidate

By Staff Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has nominated Nelson Chamisa as its Presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.

The party’s Citizen’s Independent Selection Panel (CISP) spokesperson Shepherd Ngandu, said Chamisa was nominated uncontested by the majority of the constituencies.

“Presidential nominations, Chamisa Nelson has been nominated as the Presidential candidate by all streets and villages whose returns are in our possession,” said Ngandu.

Ngandu also noted an overwhelming response from aspiring candidates across the country, with the CISP receiving nominations from all 210 constituencies for the House of Assembly nomination.

“The local authority nominations have been received from all the 36,000 villages, thousands of streets and 1,970 wards. An interesting phenomenon has been noted in some hotly contested constituencies, for instance, a constituency where 11 nominations were received for one seat,” Ngandu added.

The CISP spokesperson said the nominated candidates would be vetted based on set criteria, including qualifications, community and standing track record, political history and record, capacity and capability, and security, integrity, ethics, loyalty, and service record.

Ngandu said the panel is waiting for returns from an few outstanding areas to see if there are other nominations outside Chamisa before they can endorse him as the party’s Presidential candidate.

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