Chamisa Brings Kuwadzana to a Standstill, Rallies Supporters

By Staff Reporter

Kuwadzana suburb came to a standstill as opposition leader Nelson Chamisa of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) addressed a crowd of excited residents.

Inspecting the voters’ roll in Kuwadzana Constituency earlier in the day, Chamisa expressed confidence that 2023 would mark the end of the country’s hardships.

“We are excited, Zimbabwe is excited, 2023 is a big moment for this country, it is a big moment for change, it is a big moment for an opportunity for Zimbabweans to realize change. And to begin to see happiness, to begin to see restoration.

“I have no doubt in my mind that 2023 is the year we are going to see the end of misery, the end of anger, the end of hunger, the end of challenges that are affecting Zimbabweans. Everyone is hungry, everyone is complaining, everyone feels that the situation in the country is not going on okay and we are going to win change for everyone,” Chamisa said

Highlighting the importance of unity and putting the interests of the people first, Chamisa emphasized that the fight for change was not about political parties but about the citizens of Zimbabwe.

“This is not about parties, CCC or Zanu PF. It’s about the people of Zimbabwe, and the people of Zimbabwe want to see change in this country. We must put a full stop to darkness, we must put a full stop to the challenges we have been seeing.” declared the opposition

As the country moves closer to the 2023 elections, it remains to be seen how Chamisa’s message will translate into voter support.

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