Chamisa Launches Pre-Election Reform Demands

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa has launched the party’s electoral reform blueprint ahead of the 2023 harmonised elections.

The seven electoral reform launched are premised on the right to vote, credibility of the voters roll, real time and credible results management and transmission system, integrity of election processes, Political freedoms and media access and security of the vote and the voter.

Speaking at the launch in Harare, Chamisa said the blueprint dubbed Pre-election Pact on Electoral Reforms (PREPARE), is non-partisan as it seeks to create a conducive environment for the conduct of elections in the country.

“This document we are launching today is our humble submission to the ongoing discourse on what needs to be corrected to conduce the environment for elections in our country. We need accountability, we need independence and that has to be a product of a political process.

“This is our clarion call it’s going to be a politically negotiated processes in the past but we still are confident that nation building is not a solo affair, is not a partisan affair we need to bring all the key stakeholders together to fashion the common way forward together and bring back independence and professionalism to courts,” said Chamisa

The CCC leader said they are putting all mechanisms to reach out to President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the issues.

“This is not a partisan thing, it’s not a CCC thing but it’s a national issue, elections are not a party affair we are not talking about primary or internal elections we are talking about national elections so it’s not about political parties but it’s about all of us as stakeholders coming together to find a common way forward, it’s not an easy fight but it’s a fight that has to be won.

“Time is still there we will achieve that , legislators have to do what has to be done but it has to be instigated, initiated and triggered at a political level and the politics is what I am putting on the table to say this is what is needed. We are putting all mechanisms to reach out to the president of Zanu PF, President Mnangagwa and all those who matter in these issues because it’s not a partisan issue but a national one.” said the opposition leader

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