Chamisa Denounces Ngarivhume Conviction as Symbol of Country’s Broken Justice System

By Staff Reporter

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has strongly criticized yesterday’s conviction of activist Jacob Ngarivhume, stating that it serves as a stark reminder of the deep-rooted issues within the country’s justice system.

In a tweet Chamisa argued that Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle, which fought for freedom, choice, and justice, appears to have been undermined by the current state of affairs.

“The Jacob Ngarivhume conviction is a reminder of what’s broken about Zimbabwe. The liberation struggle was about freedom, choice, and justice,” tweeted Chamisa

Chamisa went on to express his outrage, stating, “It is ridiculous and scandalous that chambers of justice have been turned into chambers of politics and guillotines of justice.”

He accused the government of weaponizing the law against its critics, drawing a comparison to the oppressive tactics employed during the era of Rhodesian rule.

Chamisa claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has regressed the country back to a state of oppression reminiscent of the Rhodesian regime.

“The weaponization of the law against critics is a replica of the Rhodesian regime template of oppression. ED has taken us back to Rhodesian oppression,” Chamisa said

Chamisa firmly asserted that opposing those who abuse power and authority should not be criminalized, emphasising his commitment to a future where Zimbabwe can enjoy true freedom.

He concluded his tweet by exclaiming, “Zimbabwe shall be free! We’re fixing all this. Get ready!”

Ngarivhume was yesterday sentenced to four years in prison with one year suspended for inciting public violence in July 2020 after posting a tweet calling for demonstrations against rampant corruption in the country.

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