Mudzuri Escalates Fight with Mwonzora

By Staff Writer

Ousted Vice President of MDC-T Elias Mudzuri is not relenting in challenging the leadership of Douglas Mwonzora.

In a press conference held in the capital today, the former Harare Mayor Engineer Elias Mudzuri said the firebrand opposition is now a ‘pale shadow’ of itself and Mwonzora is now decimating it to finality.

“Today the MDC is a pale shadow of its former self after successive leaders made errors, either through commission or omission, that led to the total collapse of movement. The latest and most fatal battering of the movement has been under the current illegitimate leader Mr Douglas Mwonzora, “Mudzuri said.

He added that the former Nyanga North legislator has been ‘disenfranchising’ members.

“Mr Douglas Mwonzora has wilfully and repeatedly violated our constitution. He has disenfranchised the members of the party by taking away their right to decide who should lead them,”added Mudzuri.

Buoyed by a court ruling that admitted anomalies in Mwonzora’s re-election at the congress, Mudzuri says the party is going ahead in reclaiming itself.

“It is this realization and commitment to the People‚Äôs Movement that the bona fide members of the MDC T have decided to rise to defend the Party and its founding principles and values. In that regard we democratically constituted a team that has been consulting structures throughout the country, “revealed Mudzuri.

A movement dubbed ‘Buruka’has since been initiated to mobilize party members to abandon Mwonzora who according to Mudzuri did a ‘coup’.

Despite all this confusion, the opposition party is confident it will romp to victory in the coming plebiscite.

“We therefore appeal to all the Party members to remain calm, united and actively participate in the restructuring process taking cognisance of the fact that the 2023 Harmonized Elections are only a few months away.

“The reinvigorated MDC will win these elections and form the next government and deliver the change that Zimbabweans want,” remarked the veteran opposition leader.

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