Mliswa Denounces Censorship As Winky D Speaks About Warnings

By Staff Reporter

Independent Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa, has strongly criticized the government for what he calls “crass actions” and censorship against artists.

Mliswa’s comments came in response to popular Zimdancehall artist Winky D’s revelation that he has been warned by authorities against playing certain songs from his album Eureka Eureka.

In a series of tweets, Mliswa expressed his disappointment in the government’s actions, stating that freedom should not be confined to mere rhetoric but should be experienced in people’s everyday lives.

“Freedom isn’t some historical product to parade in rhetorical speeches but should be effectualised and realized in people’s day to day lives. It should manifest in art, in religion, in politics and everywhere else. Other than that, it remains a destiny yet to be realised. At some point we have to be frank with each other that this is shameful and speaks of leaders who have gone off the rails!

“This is supposed to be an independent Zimbabwe decades after Rhodesia and censorship. Now you are afraid of artists who sing about what is happening? We have fathers, mothers and relatives who fought& died for this country to be free from such crass actions. We have relatives that are handicapped and suffered so that such things as banning songs could be stopped. 43 years later we have a black Government censoring black artists!” Mliswa tweeted.

Meanwhile, Winky D, one of Zimbabwe’s most prominent musicians, spoke out about the warnings he received from authorities regarding the performance of a particular song.

Speaking during his recent show in Bulawayo, he expressed his reluctance to perform the song ‘Ibotso’ to avoid potential consequences, citing concerns about a “disaster.”

“I have been warned. I have been cautioned, and they said if you sing that particular song, there is going to be a disaster. So, I do not want a disaster; I want people to have fun,” Winky D stated.

Since the release of ‘Eureka Eureka’ Winky D has received subtle censorship on national radios and television.

In March, Gafa as Winky D is affectionately known, had his show in Chitungwiza was cut short when Zimbabwe Republic Police stormed on stage.

In their defence, police later explained that they cut short the performance as there was an operation against drug peddling.

Winky D returned to live performances on Saturday in Bulawayo for the first time since the ill-fated Chitungwiza show.

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