‘Zanu PF Behind Chamisa Vehicle Delays’

Organisers of the GoFundMe campaign to buy an armoured vehicle for opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa have claimed that Zanu PF has been on a smearing campaign against the campaign leading to delays in the processing of funds.

Juma Ulete who led the campaign said the ruling party had complained to GoFundMe in California complaining that Chamisa was organising funds politically to purchase the vehicle.

“The campaign was started by citizens who were concerned over Chamisa’s safety. It was introduced way before the CCC was formed and the opposition is a mere beneficiary. The funds were only released last week after we experienced administrative hitches, which were triggered by Zanu PF which had complained to GoFundMe in California, the United States of America that Chamisa was organising funds politically to purchase an armoured vehicle.

“We are citizens who raised this money, not for a political party. We raised this money for a citizen whose name is Nelson Chamisa. We started this fundraising on October 13, 2021 before CCC was formed, hence it does not have any ties to CCC. We, as citizens, noticed that there is no even playing field in Zimbabwean politics,” said Ulete

The project was spearheaded by a group called Citizens Action for Change (CAC), which introduced the initiative last year in December before Chamisa launched the CCC party.

The aim of the initiative was to raise over US$120 000 to purchase an armoured vehicle for Chamisa after his convoy was attacked by suspected Zanu PF supporters and State security agents during his meet-the-people tours in the country’s rural areas.

Social media was awash with news that the funds had been misused by Chamisa and his party.

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