Revoke Anti-Zimbabwean South Africa Doctor’s Licence: EFF

South Africa’s opposition, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called for action against Limpopo Health Member of the Executive Council (MEC) Dr. Phophi Ramathuba dislike and rancor against a female patient at Bela-Bela hospital.

A video currently trending on social media shows the doctor asking the patient her language and how she got to be in hospital with a multitude of hospital staff laughing behind.

The EFF had no kind words for Dr. Ramathuba calling for her removal from the executive council over lack of professionalism.

“We call on her immediate removal as MEC. Our country cannot be led, at any level, by anyone who will not respect the dignity of African people. The MEC is a direct danger to our humanity as a people and the basic requirements of a conduct of health professional. People go to hospitals to find life, not humiliation and death.

“Furthermore, we call for the revocation of her license as a professional doctor for undermining the code of ethics for medical doctors and trying to enforce a dompas system in Limpopo hospitals. Her entire ill-informed and inhumane performance and address to sick patient awaiting surgery is inconsistent with all universal standards of patient confidentiality and dignity,” read a statement from EFF  

Adding that “The MEC’s open rejection of patients awaiting surgery on the basis that they are African from other African countries is only informed by nothing else, but Afrophobia, a hatred of other African people.

“Where is patient confidentiality and dignity? The basic fact that they are human means their rights to dignity are inalienable. It does not matter what the limitations of budget is, no one, not even illegal immigrants deserve such a humiliating treatment.

“Africa belongs to Africans and there is no room for Xenophobia in South Africa, therefore the EFF will report Ramathuba to the South Africa Human Rights Commission for what is an outright Human Rights violation of patients.”

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