Mliswa Highlights Procedural Misbehaviours In Passage of Patriotic Bill

By Staff Reporter

In a series of tweets following the passage of the controversial Patriotic Bill in Parliament on Wednesday, Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa criticized the procedural irregularities and lack of democratic process involved in the bill’s approval.

Mliswa raised concerns about the actions of the Acting Speaker Tatenda Mavetera and Parliament Administration, accusing them of compromising the integrity of the institution to push through the law.

“The frenetic desire to cloak the passing of the Patriotic Bill as a democratic outcome of Parliament betrays the details which show multiple procedural misdemeanors committed by both the Acting Speaker and Parliament Admin staff all in a bid to pass the law by hook or crook,” Mliswa tweeted

According to Mliswa, a decision had already been made that the flawed process leading up to the passing of the bill rendered voting unnecessary.

However, the ruling party, ZANU-PF, disregarded this and pressed ahead, Mliswa expressed his disappointment, emphasizing that in such a situation, the appropriate action would have been to abstain or walk out rather than participate in the voting process.

Mliswa highlighted the compromised nature of personalities involved in the proceedings, which he argued undermined the institution’s integrity.

He further alleged that politicians were instructing the Parliament Administration, eroding the separation of powers and diminishing the sanctity of parliamentary conduct and processes.

“Then we had Acting Speaker Mavetera calling for the division of the House, a decision which had been raised by no-one and then falsely accusing Hon Madzimure of raising the issue! It was just a Mafia style where power rode roughshod over proper Parliamentary conduct& processes.

“You don’t want to be part of such proceedings and that is why I walked out. At least history will exonerate me that I wasn’t part of the shameful action. ZANU PF has continuously abused its two thirds majority by passing through unsavory laws.

“Most of them are merely political weapons against perceived opponents. You can’t build a country like that, crafting legal instruments to hem in political opponents. It’s a limited approach to politics because one day the seats of power will have different players!” charged Mliswa

Mliswa went on to criticize the ruling party’s continuous abuse of its two-thirds majority to pass unsavory laws, which he viewed as political weapons against perceived opponents.

The legislator raised concerns about the negative impact of such actions on the country’s progress, emphasizing that crafting legal instruments to restrict political opponents was a limited approach to politics.

He expressed his sadness at the country’s continued decline and criticized political parties, particularly with their recall powers, for dragging legislators along without considering the best interests of the nation.

The passage of the Patriotic Bill, which has drawn significant criticism from various quarters, continues to generate debate within the country’s political landscape.

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