City of Harare Bows To Pressure Over Parking

By Tapiwa Svondo

Harare Mayor Councilor Jacob Mafume says the City of Harare has reacted to the public outcry over parking regulations by reducing parking fines.

Harare motorists stirred up a storm recently after council’s subsidiary, City Parking marshals went on a blitz clamping all vehicles whose owners were delaying to pay US$1 parking fees and fining them US$132 to be unclamped.

Addressing journalists after a full council meeting on Thursday, Mafume said council had resolved to reduce the fines due to public complaints.

“As a listening Council and listening Mayor we have decided to react to the public outcry and create a measure within the law that will reduce the amount that is paid by the motorist should they be caught on the wrong side of the law and also to adjust our processes.

“So the effect is that one will get a ticket of $57 across the board no matter the offence and once you pay $57 dollars. Whatever claim or whatever process is there will be removed automatically without a further charge to the motorist,” said Mafume

He adds “If you have been parked and you are late by 30 minutes you simply pay the arrear dollar you will not be penalized so that we give room for people who would have over stayed or in meeting so that should deal with the issues of that.”

The Mayor assured motorist that municipal police and the city parking marshal will be retrained and reskilled to improve their attitude.

“We have emphasized the issue of the attitude of the city parking and the municipal police, I had a meeting with them there is going to be a retraining exercise and up skilling so that we don’t have people chasing each other around with clamps and other sorts of weapon and shouting profiles and obscenities at each other or at an unsuspecting motorist,” said Mafume

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