Blue Circle Buses Plead for Forgiveness, Hope to Resume Operations After Ban

By Samuel Tinotenda Dzingirai

Blue Circle bus owners have pleaded with the Government to give them a chance and resume operations following the company’s ban from operating.

The buses were banned from operating on March 16, 2024, due, leaving the company’s owners and employees in a desperate situation.

The bus line, which has been a lifeline for many regular commuters, now faces significant financial losses and the potential loss of its customer base.

In a heartfelt interview Roy Gonyora, one of the owners, candidly admitted the company’s fault.

 “We acknowledge we were on the wrong side of the ministry’s law. We’re ready to comply and resolve the paper issues to get back to work. Our regular customers are complaining, and we risk losing them, resulting in significant losses,” Gonyora said.

Gonyora extended a plea for forgiveness, expressing hope that the Ministry of Transport would offer them another chance.

 “We regret our mistakes and apologize for what happened. We hope the ministry will understand our situation and allow us to work again,” he added.

The impact of the ban has been profoundly felt by the employees as well, Allan Mushambadzi, a Blue Circle buses worker, expressed deep regret and emphasized the personal toll of the situation.

“As an employee, I apologize for our mistake. We understand that mistakes can be forgiven, and we hope our issues will be resolved.” Highlighting the repercussions on his family, Mushambadzi said, “This issue affects me and my home, and I hope the ministry will hear our plea.”

Costan Chimoka, another worker, painted a bleak picture of the hardships faced by employees.

“We’re struggling to feed our children and pay their fees. It’s been almost two months without work, and the situation is getting desperate. We hope the Ministry of Transport will understand and give us a chance to work again and resolve the paperwork issue,” Chimoka pleaded.

The owners and employees of Blue Circle Buses are united in their hope for a resolution and seek forgiveness for their oversight and are eager to comply with regulations to resume operations and restore normalcy to their lives.

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