Police Raid Mbare Illicit Drug Havens

By Staff Reporter

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has raided has raided several households in the high density suburb of Mbare as they intensify their blitz against illicit drugs.

The crackdown dubbed “No to drugs and illicit substances: See something, say something” was launched recently following an increase in cases of drug and substance among school children across the country.
In a statement, the ZRP said it had recovered four truckloads of illicit brew and made several arrests in the popular suburb.

“After the media expose last night, the ZRP raided Nzimbe area in Matapi, Mbare Musika, along the road linking Chicken Slice and OK Mbare, where some residence which were previously used as waiting rooms are now occupied by some families who are using them to engage in illicit brew activities, which promote drug and substance abuse and related criminal activities.

“The police recovered four truckloads of illicit brew and made several arrests. The exact number of arrests will be released tomorrow. Meanwhile, 08/02/23, 366 arrests were made country-wide on the operation, “No to dangerous drugs and illicit substances,” bringing the cumulative arrests to 1 389,” read the statement

Recently, eight Advanced level students were expelled from Dominican Convent High school after they were found in possession of drugs during a school retreat in Nyanga last month.

Drug and substance abuse has also seen an increase in mental health cases and has left rehabilitation centres overwhelmed.

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