Allegations Against Sikhala And Sithole Politically Motivated: Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa says allegations against jailed legislators Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole are politically motivated and an assault to democracy.

Addressing journalists in Harare at the launch of the party’s electoral reforms blue print in Harare, Thursday, Chamisa said the duo and 14 others are detained for standing against tyranny and bad governance.

 “We are meeting within a context of very sad developments in our country, 14 June 2022 our two members of Parliament, Honourable Job Sikhala and Honourable Sithole were arrested to this day it has been 105 days they are still incarcerated together with those who have been victimised, the Nyatsime 14.

“What is clear is that, this is an assault on democracy, an assault on the will of the people but also an undermining of the sovereign of the people of Zimbabwe because Honourable Sikhala and Sithole were elected by the people of Zimbabwe. They are not honourable by mistake or omission, you don’t treat honourable members like common criminals especially on the basis of just an allegation, which allegation is politically contrived and motivated.

“Their own offence is to stand against repression, oppression, corruption, dictatorship, tyranny and bad governance that surely can’t be an offence because they were voted on the basis of that platform by the citizens of Zimbabwe,” said Chamisa

Adding that “It continues to be a sad moment, we as the citizens movement are taking this issue seriously, we have left no stone unturned, and we know what our opponents are expecting us to do. We don’t normally accept invitations from those who do not like us neither do we accept advice from those who stand at the opposite of the moral and political spectrum.

“We have done everything that within the confines of legality, constitutionality and also peace we are able to secure their release. I will not go into details of what we are doing within the country and across in the region and of course in the continent to reach out to the highest offices including the United Nations to make sure that the issue of this pre-trial incarceration is dealt with.

“We are very serious and we know as the next government we are going to face many challenges, trials and tribulations. Our people are going to be persecuted, our supporters are going to be subjected to harassment, and a lot of traps are going to be set in our way. We will resist and overcome all of them and we remain committed to making sure that we achieve change within our lifetime and we give our country better days and better lives.”

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