‘You Have Betrayed Sikhala’ Chamisa’s Party Told

Former Zanu PF youth leaders have called on the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) to take advantage of their support base and mobilise against the continued incarceration of legislators Job Sikhala, Godfrey Sithole and 16 others.

In their solidarity message during a press conference by the ‘Friends of Job Sikhala Solidarity Trust’, Jim Kunaka and Godfrey Tsenengamu accused the CCC leadership of betraying their members.

“Love me or hate me the guys from CCC you have betrayed Job Sikhala, honourable Sithole and the Nyatsime 16. You command half of a million supporters, why are you not putting more effort to put the Government on a tight corner to release these comrades out of prison. We know the dynamics of power in CCC this is what is causing, there is this fear that Job Sikhala might wrestle power.

“When we reach levels like these let us forget about power, it’s useless to need power sacrificing your own because you feel that he might take over. All Members of Parliament are quiet, going there everyday drinking tea, enjoying with Ziyambi Ziyambi without asking the Minister of Legal Affairs not to interfere with the judiciary. You can blame those judges and magistrates but to me they are not to blame because they are being controlled for example yesterday Job Sikhala’s record was moving from one court to the other, the magistrate was simply waiting for the directive to grant or not to grant bail, simple.

 “We can be prayerful and enter into elections with Job Sikhala still incarcerated, to the CCC leadership, if you have failed step aside let the real citizens take over and see if Sikhala will not be released. If you are serious that you love Job Sikhala please take action now and by September we should have Sikhala, Sithole and others out of prison and we are not going to relax we have started the journey,” Kunaka said.

Tsenengamu who now leads Freedom for Economic Emancipation of Zimbabwe (FEEZ) said the opposition’s approach to issues will haunt them in the future.

“People feel that you have not done enough to help your fellow comrades, you have not done enough and you know the reasons why you are doing this to your comrades. What I can say is you are setting a wrong precedence, your approach to issues will come back to haunt you tomorrow. I don’t want you to agree with me but I am telling you as a friend that I feel you have betrayed your comrades.

“I may be wrong and you can judge me but I think you have the power and influence that you might have used so that these guys could have been helped anywhere we are now out here to mobilise so that these comrades can be assisted,” Tsenengamu said.

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