‘Good Samaritan’ Vanishes With Cellphone At Church

By Gamuchirai Bhachi

Police are investigating a theft case in which a congregant at a church in Harare’s Budiriro suburb lost her cell phone and clothing to a ‘good samaritan’ who is said to have disappeared.

Circumstances are that the victim only identified as Kiwiti was told by the suspect that her clothes had been soiled with human waste prompting her to go to the bathroom in the company of the suspect who assisted her with washing the clothes.

Kiwiti is said to have left her mobile phone with a friend who was seated in the church at the time and the suspect upon realising this, took advantage and went to ask for the mobile phone from the friend leaving her prey half naked in the bathroom.

“The lady left me in the bathroom and had told me that she was getting into church to get a hair comb whilst my clothes were drying outside,” said Kiwiti

It was after a while that the friend visited the bathroom and found Kiwiti half-naked and realising that she had been conned.

“I got worried at the time that my friend took as she was said to be in the bathroom, then I went and checked only to see her sobbing, that’s when I realised that we had been swindled. We tried to call Kiwiti’s phone but it was unreachable,” said the friend.

She was later assisted by some senior church ladies who provided her with an apron to cover her body.

Churches have become recent targets by thieves with congregants losing their valuables during church services and at night.

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