Glen View Primary School Headmaster Suspended

By Staff Reporter

Government has with immediate effect suspended Glen View 2 Primary Schoolheadmaster, Jabulani Mpande over allegations of criminal abuse of office.

According to reports Mpande is alleged to have sexually abused three ladies who were applying to enrol their children at the school

In addition, he is charged with pressuring student teachers into having sex in exchange for his approval to operate a candy shop there.

Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson, Taungana Ndoro, said the headmaster was suspended after parents petitioned the ministry.

“Yes (he was suspended), to allow for investigations and a disciplinary hearing is to take place “said Ndoro.

In their petition which attracted over 700 signatories, parents accused Mpande of arranging to buy a top-of-the-range vehicle at an estimated cost of US$73 000 for his use when conducting school business.

Every parent was allegedly expected to pay US$30 towards that vehicle.

The headmaster was also accused of awarding tenders to relatives and friends and allegedly increased remedial fees from US$1 per week to US$4.

“In light of the allegations, we ask your esteemed offices to institute investigations urgently. We can’t stay a day longer with Mpande as the headmaster. We trust your important office will do justice to the parents, community and country at large and help restore the school to its former glory,” charged the parents

Parents attempted to stop sending their kids to school last week, but they were unsuccessful.

Mpande was transferred from Chishawasha Primary School in Mashonaland East in 2007 after he was found guilty of indecently assaulting a Grade 6 pupil. The Labour Court dismissed his appeal to block the transfer.

In 2018, Mpande was accused of abusing his students by cutting and dyeing their hair black.

He was also accused of stripping and beating up students for wearing jerseys with the wrong colours. Some parents at the school said they were not comfortable with him around their children.

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