Murdered Wedza Cop’s Mother blames Outdated Police Equipment For Son’s Death

An emotionally charged late Wedza police station Officer in Charge Inspector Maxwell Hove’s says outdated police vehicle and gun that his son was using at the time of his death were to blame for his son’s death.

Hove (43) as well as apostolic sect leader Cripsen Kanerusine (62) and Munashe Mujani (20) a bartender, were shot dead by ex-police officer Jaison Muvevi in Wedza on January 13.

In a video circulating on social media while addressing mourners in Chinda Village Mberengwa, Hove’s mother is telling senior ZRP officials if police service had been equipped with modern weapons her son would have been safe from Muvevi.

“I am a bereaved mother whose heart bleeds for her son’s death. Forgive me, but you have to listen to me, I am very hurt because my son could not escape from the police vehicle he was in because its door could not open.

“How is it possible that the door of a police station vehicle failed to open? Even if you were in my shoes, you would be hurt under such circumstances as a mother. Maybe if the door of the vehicle had opened, the story could have been different. If that vehicle had doors expected of a police vehicle, maybe my son would be alive.

“Secondly, I was told the gun he was using failed to discharge. The ZRP needs state of the art firearms not those of the Ian Smith era that are outdated. Provided modern weapons, our police officers will feel safe in the conduct of their duties,” said Hove’s mother

Muvevi is now facing four counts of murder after it emerged that sometime last year he shot and killed another person after a gold deal went sour.

He has been remanded in custody until Monday.

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