Sharpe Says Infrastructure Decay Reflect On Leadership

By Staff Reporter

Businessman Kenneth Sharpe says the infrastructural decay at Greenwood Park in Harare reflects on the leadership.

The self-glorifying Sharpe who owns Augur Investments a company contracted to construct the incomplete and controversial Harare Airport road among other property companies posted a video in which he was touring the Park and could not indicate which leadership he was referring to.

In the video, Sharpe is seen pointing at some of the features in the Park saying its poor state could only be blamed on poor administration.

“You can see it has the potential, all it needs is some management you know it’s all about management leadership starts at the top. In Russian they have a saying that translates in English as the fish rots from its head so when the fish is rot it actually started rotting from its head which means it’s all about leadership everything is about leadership. We have to take accountability, the people that are responsible for this should never leave it in this state, they need to accept responsibility and sort it out,” said Sharpe

The businessman is accused to have concealed vast tracts of land received from the controversial airport road deal under several shelf companies to avoid litigation.

The matter came to light after a company Fairclot Investments, trading as Trucking and Construction Pvt Ltd (T&C) contracted by Sharpe’s Augur Investments to construct the road linking the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport with Harare’s central business district approached the High Court over non-payment for its role in the project.

The company is demanding the nullification of a deed of settlement between Harare City Council, the Local Government ministry and Augur Investments that saw the transfer of 273 hectares of land in the leafy suburb of Pomona to a company known as Doorex Properties.

T&C says in court papers that it has unearthed other vast tracts of land that were transferred to a string of shelf companies owned by Sharpe’s Augur Investments.

Augur was controversially awarded the contract on May 30, 2008, without going to tender.

The company was supposed to construct the Harare Airport Road with an understanding that 90% of the costs would be paid in the form of land and 10% in cash.

The title deeds for the land, Stand 654, Pomona Township made up of state land identified as part of the deal were   to be kept by a private law firm – Coghlan, Welsh and Guest until council approved the road project.

Augur went on to subcontract Fairclot, which withdrew all its equipment and stopped work on the road after only doing 2.7km of the 10km due to non-payment.

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