City Parking Adjusts Harare Parking Rules

By Staff Reporter

City Parking a subsidiary of the Harare City Council has announced parking regulations and enforcement effective March 10, 2023.

The move comes after a public uproar after motorists were fined US$132 cash prompting the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, July Moyo, to appoint a team to investigate City Parking’s operations.

In a statement, City Parking said vehicles shall be clamped and fined after a minute grace period.

“Following consultations with key stakeholders concerning City Parking enforcement operations, the following changes shall be made effective the 10th of March 2023: Unpaid vehicles shall be clamped and fined $132.00 or equivalent after a 30-minute grace period.

“Paid vehicles shall be clamped and fined $132.00 or equivalent after an hour’s grace period from expiry.The level of the fine can only be reviewed through a budgetary process which the city council is looking into.It is expected that these changes will bring relief to the motoring public and increase compliance and order in the public interest.Please pay for parking to avoid inconveniences associated with clamping,” read the statement

Harare City Council gave City Parking marshals authority to clamp and fine traffic offenders in the Central Business District (CBD).

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