NSSA Media Cocktail Highlights Commitment to Social Security

By Desire Tshuma

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) hosted a media cocktail in Harare, inviting journalists from various media houses to engage in a dialogue aimed at shedding light on the state of affairs within the social security entity.

Acting NSSA chief executive officerDr. Charles Shava highlighted the fundamental importance of social security as a basic human right.

“Social Security is a basic human right designed to reduce extreme poverty and loss of income due to sickness, injury, old age and death. As a result, NSSA was designed to provide safety net for working Zimbabweans and their dependents in the event of any such risks occurring,” said Dr Shava.              

Highlighting NSSA’s mandate, Dr. Shava underscored the organization’s commitment to providing social security and occupational safety and health, ensuring sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.

He explained on the importance of individuals joining and contributing to occupational pension schemes, emphasizing the diverse range of packages available to suit varying capacities.

“An individual is expected to join and contribute towards other occupational pension schemes where there is a wide range of packages that are commensurate with one’s capacity. Occupational pension funds are therefore the primary retirement pension with social security designed to provide the modest cushion that will augment income pension and other savings” explained Dr Shava

Addressing concerns about timely payouts, Dr. Shava assured attendees that NSSA has consistently disbursed payments to qualifying beneficiaries by the 13th of every month, without fail.

Furthermore, he outlined ongoing efforts to review payouts in both Zimbabwean dollar (ZWL) and United States dollar (USD), along with additional non-monetary benefits such as zero bank charges with selected banks and discounted groceries.

Dr. Shava urged journalists to continue their role in informing the nation about NSSA’s initiatives, particularly those aimed at improving the lives of retirees, the elderly, and individuals injured during their working lives.

The media cocktail provided a platform for meaningful dialogue between NSSA and the media, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and the welfare of all Zimbabweans.

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