We Have No Room For Candidate Imposition-Chamisa

By Staff Reporter

Opposition movement Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has reiterated that there is no room for imposition of candidates ahead of this year’s harmonised elections.

The opposition leader has maintained that citizens will choose candidates of their choice to represent them in the Parliamentary and local authorities elections.

Chamisa restated that the procedure to select candidates is premised on integrity, visibility and accessibility of the contenders.

“Citizens representatives for Members of Parliament and Councillors. The candidate selection process and procedures manual aligns with our citizenocracy- citizens at the centre and citizens first. Citizens shall choose the best in terms of integrity, honour, merit, capacity, accountability, accessibility and visibility.

“In line with the request from you the citizens, we are putting emphasis on your participation and choices. No imposition of candidates. The power is with you the citizens. Where there are ties between candidates, citizens will be expected decide on their own the best candidate,” said Chamisa

On the prospects of fielding double candidates, Chamisa said they had designed a ‘surprise’ which will counter the problem.

Chamisa is on record saying he will be the one to sign nomination papers for all CCC candidates as a way of making sure that there are no double candidates.

The opposition leader without sharing the dates for selection process said the party will soon be conducting the procedure.

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