CCC Demands ED’s Address On ‘Gold Mafia’ Documentary

By Staff Reporter

In the wake of the recent Al Jazeera documentary exposing a gold mafia network and implicating several businessmen, opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has expressed deep concern over President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s silence over the allegations.

Speaking to journalists, CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba highlighted the party’s worry regarding the significant delay in addressing the scandal since the documentary’s release over a month ago.

CCC demanded urgent action and accountability from the government and calls for President Mnangagwa to address the nation directly

“We find ourselves witnessing the plunder of our national resources such as gold and other mineral meant to the benefit of a few and never the many. As CCC we are deeply concerned that more than a month after the Al Jazeera documentary a unit that exposes money laundering activities and gold smuggling, illicit financial flows, underhand gold dealings and other corrupt activities by the political elite presiding over our country.

“We are very much worried that up to date nothing has been done to bring to justice those that are implicated in this huge scandal and not only the gold scandal but also the siphoning of our resources illegally in different aspects be it lithium, diamond and so forth. All these activities are a huge scourge into the country’s economy.

“We definitely demand that at this juncture, it is important for the President (Mnangagwa) to address the nation, and all the people who are implicated in these corrupt deals to be brought to book. After investigations, we expect that all the criminals and all the people involved in these criminal activities, the law should take its course,” said Siziba

The documentary sheds light on various alleged illicit activities, including money laundering, gold smuggling, underhand gold dealings, and other corrupt practices involving several businessmen in Zimbabwe.

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