Popular Harare Bouncer Commits Suicide

By Staff Reporter

In a shocking incident that has left the Harare community in disbelief, Dennis Munyikwa, a well-known nightclub bouncer, reportedly took his own life by slitting his own throat with a knife.

The incident occurred at his mother’s residence in Warren Park 1 on Thursday afternoon.

The 37-year-old Munyikwa’s death has been linked to a failed business deal involving a substantial amount of US dollars, although specific details surrounding the deal remain unclear.

 Sources suggest that Munyikwa was involved in illicit activities and had incurred significant debts.

Munyikwa, renowned for his work as a bouncer at prominent nightclubs including Club Sankayi, Club 1+1, and Club Connect, was a popular figure within Harare’s vibrant nightlife scene.

His untimely demise has left his friends and colleagues devastated, as they struggle to come to terms with the tragedy.

Many described Munyikwa as a friendly, loyal, and hardworking individual who was always wearing a smile and known for his lighthearted jokes. They expressed their disbelief, as there were no apparent signs of depression or stress in his demeanor.

Efforts to reach out to Munyikwa’s family for comments proved futile; however, it is evident that they are profoundly affected by the sudden and tragic loss. The family is said to be devastated and grappling with the grief caused by this unexpected incident.

Following the tragic incident, Munyikwa’s body was transported to Parirenyatwa Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

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