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Touching Play on the Palestinian Crisis Spotlights International Community’s Complicity

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

The auditorium at Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre on Monday evening nearly resembled a funeral wake during the showcase of ‘Chindunduma’.

The touching play directed by Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbi was based on the 75th commemoration of the Al Nakba.

The star-studded cast of Michael Kudakwashe, Rayne Chiramba and Charmaine Mujeri graphically portrayed the grief of the Palestine people under the Israeli apartheid regime.

The story centred on a young Palestine family which had its budding footballer killed in bomb blast while playing soccer. The boy had ambitions to bring the World Cup to Palestine. The father was separated from his family at a refugee camp in their home. Now domiciled in Europe, he has not been able to reunite with his family including his daughter who was born later after the separation. His wife is nursing the sickly daughter and can’t access medical treatment because of the bombing of hospitals by the Israeli security forces.

The 45-minute play provoked debates on the complicity of the international community particularly the United Nations in condemning the Israeli security forces on the atrocities on Palestinian citizens. The media was also chastised for calling the standoff as a conflict rather than a ‘genocide’.

The Palestinian Ambassador Tamer Almassri could not hide his admiration to the talented cast for doing their best in revealing the atrocities his fellow countrymen have suffered at the hands of Israel 

“I am short of words on how you have highlighted our crisis like it’s your own, it really took me by surprise,” the Palestinian ambassador said.

He went on to call for the alienation of Israel.

“Since we have realised all the evil machinations by the Israeli government. There is the need to boycott buying goods from Israel. Let’s shun using it’s airport. We just have to boycott everything from Israel,” he charged.

Meanwhile, for the first time in history, the United Nations yesterday officially commemorated the Nakba, the annual Palestinian commemoration of their mass displacement during the establishment of Israeli.

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