POSB Donates Equipment to Rehabilitate Borehole at Mahusekwa Hospital

By Staff Reporter

In a commendable effort to address acute water shortages in healthcare institutions, the People’s Own Saving Bank (POSB), the country’s leading savings bank, has donated equipment to rehabilitate a dysfunctional borehole at Mahusekwa Hospital.

The donation, made as part of POSB’s Borehole for Health initiative, aims to provide safe and reliable water sources to healthcare facilities across all provinces in the nation.

The borehole at Mahusekwa Hospital, which was originally installed by POSB in 2018, had fallen into disrepair.

However, with the recent donation, the bank has provided new equipment, including an HH submissible pump, pipes, and fittings, to restore the borehole to its full capacity.

Once operational, the borehole will supply water to the hospital’s various departments, ensuring a steady and dependable water source.

David Makacha, POSB Public Relations Manager, highlighted that the donation aligns with the bank’s mandate derived from the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) – to uplift marginalized communities in which the bank serves and operates.

“POSB is committed to supporting the health sector in Zimbabwe, particularly in rural areas where access to clean water remains a challenge. We firmly believe that water is essential for health and hygiene, and by providing water sources to hospitals, we are contributing to the well-being of patients and staff.” Makacha said

Makacha further disclosed that since the initiation of the Borehole for Health initiative in 2015, POSB has successfully installed several fully functional boreholes in various locations.

 These installations include St. Killian’s Primary School in Manicaland in 2016, Neshuro District Hospital in Mwenezi, Masvingo in 2017, and Mahusekwa District Hospital in Mashonaland East in 2018, among others.

These boreholes have been equipped with necessary accessories to ensure their operational efficiency.

The POSB spokesperson emphasized the bank’s future plans to expand the program and install additional boreholes in other provinces. By continuing the initiative, POSB aims to make a significant impact on the healthcare sector and provide relief to communities grappling with water scarcity.

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