Mliswa Attacks CCC Candidates Choice

By Staff Reporter

In a scathing attack of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change’s ongoing candidate selection process, Norton legislator Temba Mliswa expressed his frustration with what he sees as self-contradictory and negating actions within the party.

Mliswa, known for his outspoken nature, raised concerns about CCC’s decision to field candidates who are closely associated with rival opposition leader Douglas Mwonzora, questioning the motives behind such choices.

“The opposition’s eternal struggle to assume state power always seems to be riddled with self-contradictory and negating actions. How they have accepted to contest individuals who clearly and selfishly attached themselves to Mwonzora must be a tiresome puzzle for the party fanatics.” said Mliswa

Mliswa further elaborated on his concerns, particularly focusing on the dangers of welcoming political converts and immediately giving them prominent positions within the party warning that this practice could lead to the propagation of heresy, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the entire movement.

“It’s one thing to receive back political converts, but it’s an endangered religion that converts and right away obliges the preaching podium to the new convert. The chances for propagation of heresy are high, to the utter destruction of the whole movement!” said Mliswa

Mliswa criticized the lack of transparency and accountability surrounding the candidate selection process within the opposition.

“Now the Candidate Selection process is bogged down in a rut, constantly shielded from accountability through press releases to maintain the dignity of formal process. For the hopeful voter’s sake, it’s two months before the elections, comrades!” Mliswa expressed his concern.

Mliswa’s comments come at a time the opposition is in the final stages of finalizing selection of candidates for the forthcoming harmonised elections.

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