Professor Moyo’s Relentless Attack On ‘Opaque’ CCC Candidates Selection Process

By Staff Reporter

Former Information Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo continues with his relentless attack of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidate selection process taking to social media to express his frustration with what he calls an “opaque” process.

In a recent tweet, Professor Moyo questioned the efficiency and transparency of the process, highlighting a discrepancy in the documentation required from candidates.

“The endless “vetting” saga of CCC’s opaque candidate selection process continues. Despite having asked prospective candidates at the start of the process to submit CVs and to complete a controversial “Credentials and Track Record Form CS100D” that requires candidates to “prove their loyalty to the Creator,” Professor Moyo posted

An internal memo, dated 7 June 2023, sent by the party’s organizing secretary, Amos Chibaya, called for cluster leaders to convene meetings this Sunday, 11 June 2023.

The purpose of these meetings is to collect additional documentation from candidates who have passed the vetting process and participated in the final stage of caucuses.

The requested documentation includes copies of the candidate’s long birth certificate, clear national ID, proof of cleared rates, police clearance, and three passport-sized photographs in different colors.

Professor Moyo raised a pertinent question regarding the inclusion of these items, asking why they were not part of the initial submission process through the “Credentials and Track Record Form CS100D.”

He expressed his astonishment at the inefficiency of the process, particularly considering the limited time remaining before the Nomination Courts convene.

“But why were the five items not included with the submission of “The Credentials and Track Record Form CS100D?” The inefficiency of the process is breathtaking. And from this Sunday, there’ll be only 10 days before the sitting of the Nomination Courts. Previously, Advocate Nelson Chamisa had announced that CCC would make public its final candidates list for the 2023 harmonised general election on 11 April 2023!” Professor Moyo continued.

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