Sunningdale Residents Engage with Local Representatives

By Staff Reporter

Sunningdale’s Member of Parliament, Maureen Kademaunga, and Ward 10 Councillor Clayd Mashozhera held a successful feedback meeting with residents at the Sunningdale Community Hall over the weekend in a proactive move towards community engagement and development.

The gathering aimed to foster a direct line of communication between the community and its representatives, addressing vital issues and discussing plans for future development.

One of the key concerns addressed during the meeting was the ongoing challenges related to water reticulation, waste collection, and electricity availability.

MP Kademaunga acknowledged the persistent issue of electricity cable theft, emphasizing the need to combat vandalism that has hindered service delivery in the community.

“The spirit of the meeting was to involve the residents in the development of their community because they are the ones who experience the day-to-day challenges,” said Kademaunga.

The discussion also touched upon the Community Development Fund (CDF), a resource allocated to parliamentarians to fund projects that contribute to the advancement of local communities.

“We had time to listen to the residents on what they think should be priorities in terms of the use of that fund.”

Ward 10 Councillor Mashozhera echoed the importance of such engagements in enhancing service delivery and community development.

“The meeting was a success in that the residents were able to get information from representatives from the various council service delivery departments. We hope to have more of these meetings to improve service delivery and development in our community,” he said.

Encouraging active participation from residents, Councillor Mashozhera called upon every community member to partake in these meetings, emphasizing their role as a platform for airing grievances on service delivery.

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