Three MPs Host Youth Agro-Tech Empowerment Camp In Wedza South

By Desire Tshuma

The first-ever Youth Agro-Tech Empowerment workshop, organized by Budiriro South Member of Parliament, Honorable Chigumbu, alongside Honorable Oliver Mutasa, former Zvimba East Member of Parliament, and Honorable Willard Madzimbamuto, former Seke legislature, kicked off today with the aim of empowering youths in agriculture.

With high unemployment and economic hardship plaguing the country, many youths have turned to drug abuse and criminal activities.

Concerned legislators and former members of the house of assembly deliberated on ways to improve the lives of youths in their respective constituencies.

Their decision culminated in the decision to empower youth through agriculture.

“This significant gathering aims to educate our young people on agricultural ventures. We’ve invited agriculture experts to guide them in starting agribusinesses,” said Honorable Chigumbu of Budiriro South.

He emphasized the importance of agriculture as the backbone of the economy and highlighted the need to equip youths with agricultural skills to both sustain themselves and contribute to national food security.

“We will impart knowledge on crop cultivation, mushroom and fruit production, and how to leverage technology in farming. The youth gathered here are the vanguard of this initiative and will disseminate what they’ve learned in their communities,” added Honorable Chigumbu.

The initiative includes providing seed funds to all participating youths to kickstart their farming ventures.

Youths in the three constituencies will be allocated one and a half to two hectares of land to commence farming, starting with potato cultivation.

Honorable Oliver Mutasa, former Zvimba East legislator, and Honorable Willard Madzimbamuto echoed Honorable Chigumbu’s sentiments, expressing concern over the prevalence of drug abuse among youths.

They emphasized the importance of empowering youths to keep them engaged and away from negative influences.

Among the distinguished guests was former Harare mayor and recalled councilor, Ian Makone, who seized the opportunity to educate youths on agricultural entrepreneurship.

His lecture inspired confidence among the youths, encouraging them to pursue agricultural ventures earnestly.

Grayson Patson Jackson from Seke district commended the legislators for convening the empowering youth gathering, while Ellen Nyamukai from Wedza South expressed her inspiration from the lectures, pledging to take the teachings seriously and steer clear of illicit activities.

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