Sunningdale Plunged into Darkness as Cable Theft Escalates

By Staff Reporter

Some residents of Sunningdale in Harare have found themselves in the grip of a relentless cable theft epidemic amid reports organised criminal networks are responsible for the surge in incidents.

The escalating problem has left some residents grappling with prolonged periods of darkness amid calls for lasting solutions. Over the past few months, Sunningdale has become a hotbed for cable theft with thieves targeting essential infrastructure.

In response to the rising concerns, residents have expressed frustration and concern over lack of security to safeguard critical infrastructure.

“It has become unbearable; we need a lasting solution to this cable theft problem. What is worrying is that theft is happening while electricity is available meaning those doing it are experts,” said one resident

In an interview, Ward 10 Councillor Clayd Mashozhera said thefts are orchestrated by organised criminal groups well versed in the intricacies of electricity cable systems.

“Cable theft is a great challenge in our community, during the past two months cables have been stolen and it has become a challenge to the community. I think there need for a meeting with stakeholders from the Police to ZESA officials so that we come up with a lasting solution to curb the scourge. The whole community from Sunningdale 1 to 3 has faced the same and it shows people with expertise in electricity are behind the thefts. It is now up to us as a community to come up with solutions,” said Mashozhera

Speaking during a residents meeting over the weekend Sunningdale Constituency legislator Maureen Kademaunga called for a stakeholders meeting.

“We need to have an urgent roundtable meeting with ZESA, Police and residents so that we find a solution to the challenge,” she said

Some residents allege that they are being forced to contribute funds to buy stolen cables amid reports that the power utility company ZETDC employees are saying there are no replacement cables.

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