Shadaya’s Valentine’s Day Bombshell: Learn or Perish!

By Staff Reporter

Controversial social media influencer Shadaya has ignited a firestorm of controversy surrounding the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The influencer, known for his bold and unfiltered commentary, has taken aim at what he perceives as the commercialization and pressure associated with the holiday.

“Today is just another day of the week. There’s nothing that makes it more special, it’s just another day. Don’t be pressured or stressed because the calendar says it’s Valentine’s day and you’re expected to do something extra ordinary for a woman,” Shadaya said in a post on X (formerly Twitter)

According to Shadaya, Valentine’s Day is a fabricated concept designed to exploit consumerism, particularly targeting men who believe that showering their partners with gifts will secure their affection.

“Valentine’s day is nothing more than a consumerism concept started in the West. Promoted by big businesses to prey on weak men who think buying gifts will make women love them. It’s a day new simps are born and the old ones are celebrated

“It is foolishness of the highest order for a young man still in his building stage to be allocating more than 50% of his finances to spoiling a woman,” Shadaya declared

Moreover, Shadaya challenged the notion of exclusivity in romantic relationships, suggesting that lavish gestures on Valentine’s Day may be in vain if one’s partner is receiving similar treatment from others, including potential sugar daddies.

“Even if you both love each other and are loyal to each other, that is still no reason to spend recklessly money you don’t really have just because it’s Valentine’s Day,” he said

His comments have sparked intense debate on social media, with some applauding his frankness and critics accusing him of promoting cynicism and undermining the spirit of romance.

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