Waverly Blankets Workers Locked Out Over Contract Dispute

By Staff Reporter

Some workers at Waverly Blankets have been barred from entering the company premises after they refused to sign short-term contracts in January, insisting on permanent positions, anonymous sources revealed.

Despite serving the company for over five years, these employees were offered only contract employment, in apparent violation of Statutory Instrument 54 of 2016, which stipulates permanent status for those with continuous service exceeding five years.

Upon the resumption of work on January 25, management allegedly instructed security to deny entry to workers who declined to sign short-term contracts until permanent roles were granted.

A worker, speaking anonymously, explained, “The issue stemmed from the last council meeting where long-serving contract workers questioned the lack of permanent job offers, as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

The workers’ plea to end contract status was ignored by management, leading them to seek intervention from the National Employment Council (NEC). Despite NEC ruling in their favor, ordering reinstatement and back payment for the lockout period, the company has yet to respond.

“The workers returned with NEC’s directive, but the employer still denied them entry,” the worker stated. “They were eventually allowed in, but not permitted to work.”

The withholding of January and February wages has further exacerbated the situation, leaving employees in a precarious position.

Repeated attempts to reach Aaron Vico, Waverly’s managing director, for comment were unsuccessful.

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