Govt Assures Nation On Electricity Production

By Pride Sakupwanya

The Government has assured the nation of improved power production to deal with the current electricity shortages.

Speaking during a post Cabinet press briefing Energy and power development permanent secretary Dr Gloria Magombo said they are undertaking projects to maximize production at different power stations.

“Over 400 million dollars was secured to improve dependable capacities in Bulawayo and Hwange. At the Hwange power plant the life extention project has started with unit 5 which has been out due to challenges with the turbines earlier this year.

“We are also ramping up production from the small thermos which is Bulawayo, Harare and Munyati to push it up to 45 megawatts” said Dr. Magombo

She said additional power imports will be critical to support the current imports.

“The additional imports will be critical to support the existing imports which we are getting from South Africa in terms eskom, EDM, HCB and Zambia”. she said.

She also noted the increase in coal provisions to curb the challenges.

“The coal supplies are currently being expedited where we have a train with over 30 wagons on its way to various stations to ensure there is more production”

“The Coal plant in Hwange had one unit which was out of production due to maintenance and they have been urged to bring it back so that an additional 15 megawatts is added on to the grid” she said.

The country is experiencing power shortages owing to climate change that has affected water levels in the Kariba dam.

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