Waverly Blankets ‘Director’ Summoned to Court

By Own Correspondent

Controversial Waverly Blankets managing director Aron Vico has been summoned to appear before the Harare Magistrates court through private prosecution in in January 2023 for unlawfully grabbing companies of the late Waverly owner Victor Cohen.

Magistrate Stanford Mambanje ordered the Clerk of Court to summon the Vico to appear before the court following a report by Cohen’s daughters Amanda Cohen Berkowitz and Belynda Halfon who are accusing Vico of being protected by the courts, law enforcement agents through corrupt propensities.

“We are applying for the Court to order the Clerk to issue summons for Aron Vico to appear before this Court on 31st January 2023 to answer several charges levelled against him through Private prosecution “, said Private Prosecutor Charles Warara.

Cohen-Berkowitz approached the Harare magistrates court requesting that the case be allocated a date and the matter was confirmed by Acting Prosecutor General in a letter to Warara and Associates legal Practitioners this week.

In November, Prosecutor General issued a certificate nolle prosequi- a certificate that paved the way for a private prosecution.

Cohen-Berkowitz and her sister are embroiled in an inheritance wrangle with Vico, his mother Debra Vico and staff members Laxi Boddapati and Marco Faccio.

“We make reference to the above matter in which we have been instructed to proceed with the above matter for private prosecution.

“Attached hereto is the certificate nolle prosequi in respect of the above matter granted by the prosecutor general on 23 November 2020,” reads the letter sent to the magistrates’ courts by lawyers Warara and Associates Legal Practitioners who are representing Cohen-Berkowitz.

“We request that this matter be allocated an appropriate court date in the regional court as soon as dates are available.”

In 2021, Cohen-Berkowitz claimed that Vico was harassing them with the help of the police from Braeside and the courts.

This Cohen year reported a case against Vico where she accused him of forging company documents to wrest the company from them.

She also accused the police of corruptly neglecting to arrest Vico due to his influence.

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