We Have Strategies To Defeat Zanu PF: Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)leader Nelson Chamisa has said his party has strategies to defeat all its rivals.

Launching the parties Agenda 2023 in Harare last week Chamisa likened the party’s strategies to Russia’s revealing what it intends to do to Ukraine. He said:

“People say where is your plan. Who would go to Russia or Ukraine and ask for both countries’ plans? This is a war situation, at times in a war situation you do not need to herald or address at a press conference what your next move is. We have strategies, we have plans and we will defeat all these oppressors.

“Strategically when you are in a war you do not announce the launching of a missile otherwise you are arming your opponent. Do not expect us to arm our colleagues in Zanu PF, they understand guerrilla tactics and we want them to understand that we will defeat them on their strategies.” said Chamisa

He said the party had sophisticated plans contrary to what some ‘turncoats’ are saying.

“The citizens’ movement is a new way of doing politics, fresh, radical, disruptive and discomforting to the opponent. The call for structures is not coming from the citizens but other quislings who are not part of the process but want to be malcontents by locating fault lines that are not there. They do not know what we are doing, we are so sophisticated, you do not expect us to do what you expect us to do and that is why our opponents are in sixes and sevens.

“When I say God is in it some people think it is a statement of being led back. Faith is action and faith is a form of action but there is also action that comes within that faith. I will share on inauguration day the journey that I have worked because it is going to happen. Those in doubt fair and fine, there are always Thomas’s that is the norm of society,” he said

CCC claims that it rural mobilisation strategy Mugwazo , and the REAP have penetrated perceived ZANU PF strongholds in rural areas.

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