Makandiwa’s Message On Electing MPs Charms Mliswa

By Staff Reporter

Independent Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has applauded United Families International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa over his message in which the popular preacher is urging congregants to vote wisely.

In a video that was posted by Mliswa, Makandiwa is heard encouraging congregants to vote for Members of Parliament who take care of their biological parents.

“Before you vote for an MP go and see where his/her parents stay, if the person fails to take care of two people, don’t just go and vote. That person has already been cursed, he will bring that personal curse and make it a Constituency curse, all of you will go down the grain the person is already cursed. Where are your parents, let’s go to your rural area and see your biological parents, you want me to vote for you have you ever voted for your parents. Take care of your parents that is your first Constituency,” charged Makandiwa

Posting on Twitter Mliswa said Makandiwa’s message rightly captures an important aspect required when people go to vote.

“This message by Prophet Makandiwa aptly captures an important factor before people go to vote. Voting shouldn’t be a blind exercise. Even more than what is said here people should also consider what the aspiring candidate has done for themselves. What does he/she have? What is the state of their own lives? Charity begins at home.

“I have been improving my own rural area Shurugwi and some people thought I want to go and contest there. No, it’s me starting with my family before extending that ability to the Constituency. Now Prophet Makandiwa needs to pray for the electorate so that it wakes up& not go crazy when they see party colours. It’s the individual who works not the party. If you vote for the party without considering the candidate then you will suffer for 5 years,” said Mliswa

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