Women Writers Support Network On the Move

By Thembinkosi Nyathi

The Women Writers Support Network, led by Sympathy Sibanda Mangwenya, a multifaceted individual known for her role as a TV presenter on 3k TV, her work as a writer, and her entrepreneurial pursuits, is expanding its reach across Africa.

Recently, the organization has officially registered in five African countries.

This network is dedicated to promoting women’s healing through the therapeutic power of writing, having already co-authored two books.

In an interview with Zimreview, Sympathy Sibanda Mangwenya expressed her enthusiasm for their growth into Africa, starting with Zimbabwe and eventually extending their presence to other nations.

“We are delighted with our progress, as this marks a significant year of expansion for us into Africa. We have already established memorandums of understanding with Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, and Rwanda,” said Mangwenya

Their vision, Mangwenya said is to facilitate healing for women in Africa by addressing the daily challenges they face.

“Our vision is to spread healing throughout women in Africa as they face what they face daily using this affordable this means of therapy, writing therapy,” she said

 She further highlighted the essential benefits for women in the network, emphasizing that individuals can write their own stories, find empowerment, share their experiences, and even enhance their personal brands through writing.

The network presently comprises 350 dedicated members from Zimbabwe, with plans to include five more countries in the first quarter of 2024.

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