Former Legislator wins land case

FORMER Zanu PF Mt Pleasant legislator Jason Passad has won the legal battle over ownership of residential stands at Donnybrook Farm near Mabvuku in Harare.

Passad had taken a local land developing company, Eastwind Trust, to court for grabbing land.

High Court judge Maxwell on November 2 ruled that Eastwind Trust must vacate the land.

“The Applicant or its assignees, beneficiaries or successors be and are hereby declared to be the only entities authorized to carry out any property development activities and dispose of stands specified here as follows: “Kuyemura Pay Scheme under plan TPX/ER/01/16, specifically encompassing stands within and including the following brackets 17464 to 17467, 17474 to 17549, 17552 to 17554, 17563 to 17644, and stands 17646 to 17671. Further, the stands accruing to Freedom Fighters Trust as appears on plan number TPY/ER/01/1, being, stands 15645 to 15661, 15947 to Donny Brook Farm, 17052, and stands 17061 to 17071.

“The Respondents terminate any temporary structures, foundations, buildings or setting up operations they carried out for the purposes of building at any of the named stands.  That Respondents pay costs of suit on an attorney-client.

“Order shall upon being granted be served upon the Respondents at their addresses of service by the Applicant’s Legal Practitioners or the Sheriff of Zimbabwe with the Assistance of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in the event that their assistance is so required,” read the ruling

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