ZESA Assures Nation of Improved Power Supply

By Pride Sakupwanya

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has assured the nation of a steady power supply this festive season following weeks of aggressive power curtailment.

In a statement, the power utility company said it has increased generation of electricity by repairing broken down units at Hwange power station.

“Our engineers and technicians have been working frantically to ensure power generation. Consequently, we have increased generation at Hwange power station by getting broken down units back up, resulting in five of the six being currently operational which has increased supply to the national grid.

“The company is also advancing projects to utilize the available hydro capacity provided by 10 gorges. Development of a massive hydro potential on the Kafue and Zambezi basin and operation of the power plants on a collaborative conjunctive basis is also being considered as one of the most viable strategy for the region. This project is anticipated to produce megawatts and enable us to export power,” said ZEDTC

Meanwhile consumers have been advised to use power sparingly.

“Whilst we anticipate all these plans will help the supply side, consumers are being encouraged to use the available power sparingly and engage in Demand Side Management (DSM) initiatives to ease pressure on the grid,” added the power utility company

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