Elections Not An Excuse For Political Conflicts: Mnangagwa

By Pride Sakupwanya

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the 2023 harmonised elections should not be used as an excuse for political conflict and disharmony country.

In his Unity Day message, President Mnangagwa said unity and patriotism should be the guiding inspiration and a tradition which must be handed to future generations.

“The year we are about to start is a year in which Zimbabwe goes to the polls. We need lasting unity and durable peace in our country. Elections should never be an excuse or pretext for political conflict, disturbances, hate speech or disharmony. Unity, patriotism, loyalty and love for our great motherland, Zimbabwe should always be our guiding beacon; no matter the season or times. This is the rich tradition we must bequeath to future generations”, Mnangagwa said

He said freedom and development drawn for the Unity Accord in 1987 are guaranteed under his administration.  

“Drawing from the legacy and lessons of the Unity Accord, unity, peace, stability, freedom and development are guaranteed under the Second Republic. Our Motherland, Zimbabwe shall today, tomorrow and for all times be a united nation at peace with itself and for itself,” he said.

He added “The Second Republic’s Policy of Devolution and Decentralization aims to ensure inclusive and participatory development which is guided and directed by communities. Development priorities are now being identified by communities towards genuine and sustainable development designed to accelerate the process of taking our people out of poverty and into prosperity.”

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