Mai Titi To Defend Fraud Allegations

By Court Reporter

Felistas Murata Edwards, better known as Mai Titi, is facing allegations of fraudulently obtaining a loan of US$10,000 using hired and stolen vehicles and an invalid passport as collateral.

The Zimbabwean comedian, musician, entrepreneur, and MC has been summoned to present her defense after her application for discharge was dismissed by the court.

Mai Titi is accused of offering a Mercedes Benz vehicle as surety, despite knowing that the car was hired, and promising to repay the loan by November 2020.

However, after a few days, she allegedly returned to the lender, Rachel Mhuka, and demanded the car back, stating that it did not belong to her.

She then offered an Audi Q5 (AFG3701) and an expired passport as collateral.

In January of this year, the police seized the Audi Q5 after they discovered it belonged to Else Event Car Hire, following a complaint lodged by Mhuka. Consequently, Mai Titi was arrested for her actions.

The defense hearing has been scheduled for May 24th. Additionally, Mai Titi is facing a separate charge of failing to make payments for an Audi she hired from Else Car Rental.

The vehicle was recovered from the lender’s residence, where Mai Titi had surrendered it as collateral.

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