CCC Denounces Unfreezing Of Assets Linked To Gold Mafia

By Staff Reporter

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change has called for immediate action following the recent directive issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s (RBZ) Financial Intelligence Unit to unfreeze the financial assets of individuals allegedly involved in the theft and smuggling of Zimbabwean gold.

The move comes just days after parliamentary committees were denied the opportunity to investigate the damning evidence presented in the widely acclaimed #GoldMafia documentary.

In a statement, the Citizens Coalition for Change condemned these actions, alleging that they were intended to obstruct a thorough investigation into the activities of the gold mafia.

“ARREST GOLD MAFIA: Just three days after the parliamentary committees were denied the chance to investigate the overwhelming evidence presented in the #GoldMafia documentary by the Speaker of Parliament, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, the RBZ’s Financial Intelligence Unit issued a directive to unfreeze financial assets belonging to individuals allegedly involved in the theft and smuggling of Zimbabwean gold.

“We strongly condemn these actions that appear to be aimed at obstructing a proper investigation. This raises significant concerns about the government’s commitment to accountability and transparency. We urge swift action to be taken to investigate this issue fully and bring those found to be involved in illicit activity to justice. #ARRESTGOLDMAFIA,” posted the opposition movement

The #GoldMafia documentary, which has gained significant attention both domestically and internationally, exposed the alleged involvement of influential individuals in the illegal trade of Zimbabwean gold.

The film’s revelations shocked the nation, revealing a complex web of corruption and illicit activities surrounding the precious metal.

Advocate Jacob Mudenda, the Speaker of Parliament, has faced criticism for denying the parliamentary committees the opportunity to investigate the ‘evidence’ presented in the documentary.

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