Another Man Loses US$4K In UK Job Scam

By Court Reporter

In a distressing trend, a growing number of individuals aspiring to work in the United Kingdom are falling victim to fake agents who exploit their dreams and deceive them out of substantial sums of money.

 The latest case involves Bethel Shelton Rundofa of Waterfalls, who was defrauded by a 21-year-old named Tadiwanashe Themba Ndlovu, highlighting the pervasive nature of this scam.

Rundofa was enticed by Ndlovu’s promise to secure a certificate of sponsorship within a mere two weeks, provided she paid a hefty fee of US$4,000.

Unfortunately, the certificate never materialized, and Ndlovu began avoiding Rundofa’s inquiries, leading her to realize that she had fallen victim to a scam.

Left with no other choice, Rundofa promptly filed a police report, setting in motion a legal process to bring the fraudulent agent to justice.

Recently, Ndlovu made an appearance in court to face charges of fraud, he was granted release on bail set at $300,000, pending further legal proceedings.

This incident is not an isolated case, just last month, another individual named Frank Nguwi was apprehended for his involvement in a similar job syndicate.

Nguwi had allegedly advertised two job opportunities in Bedfordshire for positions in domiciliary care and live-in care on Facebook.

Prospective candidates were instructed to deposit money into an FBC Bank account, only to be met with evasion and disappointment after the funds were received.

Tragically, victims of Nguwi’s scam collectively lost a staggering amount of $10,000.

Nguwi, believed to have had accomplices in his illicit activities, namely Tapiwa Mugove, Loyd Idaishe Chiwanza, and an unidentified individual named Calvin, remain at large, prompting ongoing efforts by law enforcement to bring them to justice.

These incidents shed light on the vulnerability of job seekers who are desperate for opportunities abroad.

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