Businessman Muringi Faces Fresh Charges Involving US$125,000

By Staff Reporter

Controversial Harare businessman, Shingi Levison Muringi finds himself in hot water as fresh charges involving US$125,000 have been brought against him.

Last Friday, the controversial businessman caused the arrest of another businessman, Patrick “Chimpa” Mutenha and was released on US$500 bail in a fraud case just a day after the arrest.

The dramatic incident garnered attention as his video went viral on social media.

However, while Chimpa was regaining his freedom on Saturday, Muringi, the complainant in Chimpa’s case, appeared in court on the same day.

Muringi filed an application refusing placement on remand, arguing that there was no suspicion to warrant his remand. Unfortunately for him, his application was dismissed by Magistrate Lazini Ncube on Monday.

Consequently, Muringi was remanded in custody and is scheduled to be back in court today to file his bail application.

This isn’t the only legal trouble Muringi is facing, as he is also dealing with an outstanding warrant of arrest in another case in which he allegedly defrauded another businessman of US$85,000.

According to court documents, Muringi, who is associated with Last King Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, a company engaged in fuel supply, misrepresented to the complainant that he intended to purchase 120,000 litres of fuel. Allegedly, he promised an immediate payment upon delivery.

Taking Muringi at his word, the complainant delivered the agreed-upon 120,000 litres of fuel to Muringi. However, upon receiving the fuel, Muringi failed to make the promised payment. Instead, court documents suggest he sold the fuel and used the proceeds to purchase a Toyota Fortuner.

The situation worsened when, on April 27, Muringi allegedly sent fake proof of payments, claiming to have transferred US$70,200 and US$54,000 to the complainant’s accounts. Upon investigation, the complainant discovered that the proof of payments was forged and promptly filed a police report.

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