Holy Ten Regrets Working With Winky D

By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwean hip-hop musician, Mukudzei Chitsama known by his stage name Holy Ten has regretted collaborating with Zimdancehall artist Winky D in Ibotso, a song which on the latter’s latest album titled Eureka

Posting on micro blogging Twitter Holy Ten castigated commentators for sensationalizing and politicizing the song.

“Activists, journalists, lawyers – Split opinions will not do any good for a brand that’s trying to serve & save everyone so help me by not acting like I’ve picked a side. Do not politicize a project that I’ve considered a mere honor to be a part of. I regret it now honestly,” posted Holy Ten 

The song, Ibotso, has been viewed by some as depicting Zimbabwe as a long-decayed society in which the residents naively hope things will miraculously change for the better.

Brezh Malaba, a journalist, in his analysis of the song said Winky D had set himself apart from some artists by bringing to the fore real issues affecting society.

“Corruption-induced poverty has unleashed devastating poverty on ghetto youths. Hunger has ensnared naive girls into a life of debauchery. There are artistes who conveniently choose to ignore these stark realities. Winky D has set himself apart.

“In Ibotso, he lays bare the ugly underbelly of a long-decayed society which foolishly hides beneath a threadbare cloak of self-denial, in the forlorn hope of swiftly waking up from a prolonged nightmare. Where delusion meets deceit, victims abound,” Malaba said

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